Friday, February 20, 2009

Post-Valentine's Reflections, or Things I Really, Really Like...

My husband
  • Because he's super, duper smart.
  • I like the sound of his voice.
  • No one else could put up with all my bullshit.
  • He's ultra-patient and tolerant.
  • He takes really good care of us.
  • He's a great dad.
  • He has a good sense of humor and makes me laugh.
  • Did I mention he's really patient, and puts up with all my shit?

My kiddos

  • They are super, duper smart.
  • I love the way they laugh.
  • They are so adorable, sometimes I'd like to eat them.
  • They are brave and adventurous.
  • They are full of mischief.
  • They still think I can do anything and know more than they do.
  • I see parts of my brother in them.

My family and friends -- you know who you are!

  • For all your dysfunction, idiosyncracies and craziness, you've been around, made me laugh, held me up, talked me down and make my life full and complete. I love you all.

Aikido at Itten Dojo (hope this comes up on your google search, Sensei!)

  • It is full of fun, dedicated and genuinely nice people.
  • It has whipped me into shape.
  • It is both physically and mentally challenging.
  • NO ONE SMELLS BAD! Can you believe it? I can't, but it's true.
  • Once in awhile, for a few brief seconds, by some alignment of the planets, or some freak chance, I actually experience the magic and power of Aikido and it is exhilarating!
  • Sometimes, there is blood.

The Farm

  • The farm holds all of my best childhood memories.
  • It is my refuge, my retreat and where my family gathers.
  • It is beautiful and clean and lush.
  • There is something fun to do there in every season (hunt, make maple syrup, garden, swim, hike, sled, snowmobile, four-wheel, harvest honey, fish, can/freeze/preserve, relax, eat/drink/talk, etc., etc.)
  • No matter where I am, it's what I think of when someone says "home."

Books and Music

  • Duh!

Ashley @ Lush317

  • She's super funny, totally real and cuts and colors like a magician!

Tattoos, Boots, Harleys, Dive Bars

  • They're just cool.

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  1. LOL . . . tattoos, boots, Harleys and Dive bars . . . you haven't changed a bit!!! Miss you though.