Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, you've probably read or heard about the hub-bub surrounding Tyler Frost, his Baptist school principal and his girlfriend's secular prom.

If you haven't, I am pretty sure you live under a rock, but here's the nutshell:
Tyler Frost attends a private fundamentalist Baptist school that forbids dancing, rock music and hand-holding, among other things, I am sure. Tyler's girlfriend goes to a public school, where presumably all of that is encouraged. Tyler wanted to take his girlfriend to HER school's prom. So, he approached his principal, requested permission (principal signed some kind of permission slip, but gave him a verbal warning that he would be suspended if he attended), and went to the prom.

*GASP* Tyler got suspended!!

Now it seems everyone (including his mother and step-father) is painting poor Tyler as the hapless victim and demanding that Tyler be allowed to attend commencement ceremonies with his classmates. His parents (mother and step-father) are preparing to sue the school.

PUH-LEASE! Give me a fucking break!

First, SOMEONE is sending Tyler to a private fundamentalist Baptist school. He's surely not sending himself there. My guess is that it's his parents (mother and step-father) because they share the wacky beliefs of this particular sect.
a.) If the parents DO agree with the principles of this school, they shouldn't file suit.
b.) If the parents DO NOT agree with the principles of this school, they shouldn't send their kid there. Duh!

Second, not a peep has been heard from Tyler's father and/or step-mother, presuming there is one.

Third, No one has given ANY explanation to points above. No journalists have asked these questions. HELLO!?!? Can someone do his/her job?

Fourth -- Tyler, suck it up, dude! You're still going to be able to take your finals and you'll still get your diploma if you pass them. You knew this would happen, you made a decision, now you have to take it like a man.

Fifth -- Tyler's parents -- give me a fucking break!!! Your lawsuit is a sham and I hope you lose, lose, lose if it even gets heard. You're idiots, either way.