Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Craft

Well, it's that time of year again. And if you think I'm referring to Christmas carols, breathtaking snow scenes and joyful family gatherings, then we've never met! No, I'm referring to the constant complaints from certain children that 'there's nothing to do,' 'everthing here is boring,' and 'I wish I had different parents.' Or maybe that's just me...

At any rate, here's a cute craft that should keep the kids busy for an hour or so -- and if you're lucky their fingers will stick together with the tacky glue and this will keep them busy for another hour, or so! :-)

Any way, here's how to make some cute napkin rings to grace your Thanksgiving table. You will need:
paper towel or toilet paper tubes
Tacky Glue (you have to use the stuff called 'Tacky Glue', regular Elmer's Glue won't work)
a foam paintbrush
different kinds of dried beans

First, cut the tubes into slices about 2" wide, or so. I used a big bread knife for this.

Then, slather the tacky glue all over the outside of the cardboard tube.

Arrange beans in patterns, or just roll the gluey tube through a plate of beans. We tried it both ways and thought each was cool.

You could also decorate these with buttons, sequins, foam shapes, feathers, fabric, or beads.

Here's Addie concentrating hard on creating her first napkin ring.

Here are a few of our napkin rings, drying on a newspaper.

A finished napkin ring. We can't wait to take these to the farm for Thanskgiving!