Friday, March 20, 2009


In the car:
Addie:  "Mom, can you drive as fast as the law allows?  I gotta poop!"

In the kitchen:
Addie puts some shamrock confetti on the counter and says, "Look, Mom -- Leprechaun poop!"

In the car:
Addie:  "Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a race car driver.  Because then I can drive fast and won't have to pay the law."

Regarding her baby brother:
I had to have a conversation with Addie about being mean to, and hurting, her baby brother.  So, I went into a long explanation about how I cannot allow one of my children to hurt the other.  And how I hate to yell at Addie, but when she hurts Kiefer, I get so angry.  Then, I asked her for suggestions about what to do so that she would remember that hurting Kiefer is not OK.  
She paused and said, "Well, Mom, it is very difficult to handle two kids...that is why you should only have one child."  

Regarding tattoos:
Addie:  "Mommy, I like  your tattoos."
Me:  "Thanks, I like them, too."
Addie:  "When I grow up, I want to get a tattoo."
Me:  "OK."
Addie:  "But, I don't want them to use a needle, I want them to use a brush."


  1. I want tattoos with a brush too!!!

  2. lol . . . Although they were all cute, racecar driver and not paying the law sounds like a plan to me too! :) Kel